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Who is

John is filled with awe-filled fear by the

When you see Jesus as he truly is, you must and !

Because of the of God

Because of the of Jesus

John before he

The church is the lampstand which

He sees someone like the

John sees of Jesus in his and his

     #1 Robe and Sash High Priest/dignitary and leader

     #2 White hair Eternal

     #3 Blazing eyes the penetrates the core of the human heart, motives, and thoughts

     #4 Bronze feet , glory and direction of purity

     #5 Powerful voice presence

     #6 Starts in his hand. His . He possess them and he protects them.

     #7 Sword from mouth come from him

     #8 Radiant face with judgement

John, who lived with Jesus, encounters the glorious, powerful, insightful, wise, exalted and strong Christ, on his face.

What is our Responsibility?



We His light

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